Why video is important for modern businesses

    People often say that one picture is worth more than a thousand words, but have you ever heard that a video is worth a thousand images?

    Video gives a whole new level of professionalism to your online business and a new level of presence in front of your audience. Video elements that are created for your business are always a valuable resource that improves your branding image and presence in front of your potential customers, and there's a simple reason for this.

    Today we have technology right at our fingertips all the time, with instant internet access, devices, and social media networks, and the most important part of this, is that we have the ability to share this with every single person in our contacts list with just the touch of a screen or the click of a mouse! This means, at a certain level, that's there are thousands of people right there that could be spreading the word about your business if they like your content enough!

    But what kind of content should you produce for them?

    Honestly, there's no easy answer for this, and I would love to have the perfect formula to tell you how to make the perfect content, but I don't know it, what I do know it's that the best format to do it is video, and I know this for a very simple reason, and that reason is that video is the most effective method of communication for any modern business.

    Internal video use

    Do you need to give a clear set of instructions to your new employees? A corporate video is a perfect solution! Do you need to tell your clients about updates and news in your business? A video blog with news, questions, and answers would be perfect for it. Do you need to announce a new product for your business? What about a nicely produced video teaser or even a featured short with some independent artists?

    The options are simply limitless when it comes to video-related content, and with the technology being so affordable these days, and so many alternatives in the market, there's something for everyone's price range or needs, maybe you don't need to create the next high-end campaign of the century, but the ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your clients about your business most humanly and expressively possible, can make a massive difference in how they perceive what you do!

    External video

    Pictures are static images that mainly serve a purpose, and text it's a very useful tool to go into detail, but the most effective way to transmit information to your clients, will always be a nicely designed video, with an attractive look and some entertaining content, in this way, you can differentiate your business from any other.

    So, what do you think? If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a video worth a thousand pictures?

    If you would like to promote your business with the power of video, contact Sturgiss Digital today to take the next step into digital marketing!


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